Help Us Help You

It’s always disappointing, but at times technology fails us. I’m sure each of you have lost files, has a program lock up on you or even worse. We in Centralia’s eLearning offices need details so we can help you. One way you can help us, to help you faster, is to provide details.

For example, can you resolve your problem by

  • Restarting your computer?
  • Shutting down, then turning your computer back on?

To provide us even more help, the best thing you can do is to send us a picture of what happened, or a picture of the information we need.

To take a picture of your screen, you can
Take a screenshot –
Windows Vista/7/8 Snipping tool –

Pictures that are helpful to send to us–

  • Error messages
  • Step by step photos of what you’re doing that lead you to the problem
  • Proof of the browser/version you’re using
  • For Angel, show us the 9 green checkmarks before logging in

Please practice with these screenshot tools before you need them – and make notes for yourself so you’ll have them handy if/when problems come up.

And, as always, feel free to email ( or call (360.736.9391 ext 374) the eLearning offices if you have a question.


Sad Cartoon versus Technology by Sean Loyless, on Flickr


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