Getting Started in Canvas


To log into Canvas

SID: Your student ID # (910…)

Password: The first six letters of your last name (if your name is less than six letters, just repeat until you have six letters; example: Donald Duck’s password is duckdu).
If your last name includes an apostrophe, delete it. For example, the password for Pat O’Leary would be: oleary

If your log in still doesn’t work, please email eLearning at, you can call us at 360.736.9391 ext 672, or drop by the Ask Here desk in the Kirk Library on campus.

For more in-depth help with Canvas once you’ve successfully logged in, look for the Student Success course in your list of courses, try the Canvas student help files (they’re fabulous!), or drop in the eLearning offices located in the Kirk Library on campus.


3 thoughts on “Getting Started in Canvas

    • You’ll usually be provided the join code by the instructor of the course. You shouldn’t need the join code unless it is an open enrollment course — if you’re trying to get into Canvas for one of our courses, you already have an account and do not need a join code. If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at –Alexis

  1. I am registered for Spring Quarter and am taking WAOL 8131 Family Child Care but cannot make account states I need Join Code?

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