Canvas and Tegrity Recordings

As we make the migration from Angel to Canvas, I often get questions from concerned faculty – will their Tegrity recordings work in Canvas?

First, let me say that Angel, Canvas and Tegrity come from three different companies. Sometimes they happen to “play well” with each other, but they are separate entities. It’s my understanding that even if Angel should disappear, our Tegrity recordings will still exist and we could still link to them, etc.

Our state has an integration process with Angel; when a course is created in Angel, poof! a corresponding “room” gets created in Tegrity. When a student enrolls in an Angel class, poof! they have access to the matching Tegrity “room”. As we make our move toward Canvas, I’m confident this same magic will happen.

Screenshot of Tegrity in Angel

In Angel, we can either create a link to a Tegrity recording, or embed a recording. Making a link to the URL for a Tegrity recording is fairly simple, but embedding a any video in Angel has a few steps. You have to copy the embed code (perhaps from Tegrity), create a Page in Angel, click on the Source button, and paste.  And yes it does work, but the Tegrity results tend to be rather small and, well, not too useful. Be sure to click on the picture above to see the a full-size screenshot of a Tegrity recording, embedded in Angel (and yes, there is a link to open the recording full size).

Screenshot of Tegrity

Canvas, above,  works a bit differently. First, you can create a link to a Tegrity recording within a content item and it works like you’d expect. But the fun starts when you try to create a content item of type “External URL”. Here’s how: Find the URL for your Tegrity recording (not the embed code), in Canvas create an External URL, give it a name and paste in the URL you copied.  Poof! You automatically get an embedded Tegrity recording that looks like the screenshot above, in Canvas. Be sure to click on the image above to see the real size as it shows within Canvas (and yes, notice the little arrow near the title of the link in this screenshot;  it will open a separate tab with a full-size recording):


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