Welcome to Fall 2012!

The following message was sent to all student currently enrolled in online courses.
Welcome to Fall Term


Dear Centralia College Online student,

Welcome to Centralia College for fall term 2012! Classes begin September 24 and end December 12. If you are enrolled in a WAOL class, instruction begins September 20 and ends November 28.

According to our records, you are registered for one or more courses that is online. If this registration is in error, you need to log into
Student Web / LOGIN Services
and drop the class(es) now or before September 28 to avoid tuition charges.

Getting Started

To begin your courses, login at
ANGEL Learning – Centralia College
. In ANGEL, Centralia College’s virtual classroom, you will find course information and assignments and will interact with instructors and classmates. You can also go through the Online Test Course.

Set up your
Student Email

Centralia College will send official information to your student email address, which is ready to activate after registering. Be sure to check it regularly. Your email address is firstname.lastname@student.centralia.edu. The initial password is your birthdate in the format of YYMMDD. If you have any problems signing in, contact the help desk at 736-9391 x297 or via email.

Tuition schedule

The fall term academic calendar and tuition reduction schedule are available online and contain important dates and deadlines.

**Drop/withdraw refund dates**

Tuition & Fees
Tuition is due—Fall Quarter Aug 22
100% refund (regular classes) Sept 24-28
50% refund (regular classes) Oct 1-5
40% refund (regular classes), end refund period Oct 8-15

Free online tutoring

Centralia College offers you FREE online tutoring. You can receive help with your math curriculum, as well as writing, economics, biology, chemistry, Spanish and plenty more when you need it.

Assistance and communications

eLearning is here to answer your questions about accessing your course(s) and more.

Courses open on ANGEL on September 18, at which point your course(s) will show up in ANGEL. If your course is not listed within one business day of registering or you have not heard from your instructor by the end of the third day of the quarter, please contact us at
and let us know the course number, name and instructor.

Sign up for
. You will automatically receive time-sensitive messages, such as an emergency on campus or campus closures. You can also sign up for specific messages from areas of interest. Sign up for Events and find out what is happening on campus.

You can also interact with us and your fellow students on
our Facebook page


Center for Disability Services serves all Centralia College students, both on and off campus. If you have a documented disability, you need to register with CDS so that Centralia College can accommodate you.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at 360-736-9391 x374 or
via email





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