Are You a Heavy Tegrity User?

raise handIf you make a lot of Tegrity recordings, raise your hand!


Did you know that when you make a recording, it’s not only copied to the Tegrity servers in the cloud, but also saved on your hard drive?  If you make a LOT of recordings, and you know they’re all safely up there in the cloud, you may want to delete those old recordings that are saved locally.

Why does Tegrity save files locally, on your own PC?

  • Although it only happens rarely, if there’s an upload problem you have the files stored locally and you can re-upload them to Tegrity.
  • If you want, once you’ve got things set up correctly, you can make Tegrity recordings without being connected to the Internet (can you say: laptop at the beach?) and then upload them later.

Here’s how to clean things from on your Windows-based machine

First, be sure to quit the Tegrity recorder.

Second, check that the upload queue is empty (SysTray, right-click Tegrity icon, Check upload queue.)

Third, Tegrity recording files are stored in a hidden folder and you’ll never see it unless you tell Windows to show hidden files.  Control Panel, Folder Options, View tab, Show hidden files, folders or drives.

Folder options

Show hidden files, folders, or drives

Fourth, find the folder with your recordings; Windows 7.  C:\ProgramData\Tegrity\Recordings   (the ProgramData folder was previously hidden)

Fifth, delete the files inside the Recordings folder.  I had almost 4 GB of Tegrity recordings on one computer here at work, and I’m afraid to look on my home PC!

Sixth?  Re-hide hidden folders and such?  Just a thought… sometimes it’s better to not see things you might accidentally mess with…


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