Discussions Forums + Wordle = WOW!

While at a recent conference I overhead an idea:  take the text from a discussion forum and turn it into a word cloud. I asked Connie S. for permission to use one of her discussions from a recent Angel classroom.  The question posed by Connie was:  Is responding to individual differences considered the cornerstone of effective interpersonal relations?

The text from the discussion posts looked something like this (although after I copied out all the posts there were seven pages of text):

Responding to individual differences is most likely considered the cornerstone of effective interpersonal relations because in most careers nowadays, you are constantly dealing with those of different race, religion, beliefs, etc. Also, You can never just judge someone and expect them to act or respond in any specific way, because no one is the same. You can use this as an example in friendships, workplace, school, in public and even with family. Responding positively to individual differences includes valuing every individual, and treating them with courtesy and respect, this will also develop effective communication.Also acknowledging an individuals differences will build confidence and mutual trust.

I copied each post, pasted as plain text into Word, then copied all that text from Word and went into www.wordle.net.  Clicked on Create, pasted in my text, clicked the Go button, and here’s what I got. The bigger the word, the more often it was used in the discussion forum posts:

Word Cloud


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