Speaking of Bloom’s Taxonomy… and pyramids…

I can write learning objectives, and I can pick some reasonable verbs for my objectives, but often I get stuck in a rut. My objectives become sing-song and often look like this:  A successful student will…

Create a formula using an Absolute Reference.
Create a formula using a Mixed Reference.
Discuss the importance of double-checking results.

Sometimes I just run out ideas as to how to implement and assess my outcomes.  I think if I had more creative ways for students to interact with my curriculum, my outcomes would be more varied. Also, my assessments would be more diverse. The idea below may help me.

Below is a screenshot showing just a part of a web page. You’ll see that it’s a pyramid and it’s based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Notice that each level of the pyramid includes ads (?) to many websites. These ad-sites provide possibile activities for your students, and are linked to each category of Bloom’s Taxonomy. In other words, if you’re looking for an activity for your students that’s at the Analyzing level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, you might explore Google Analytics or Create A Graph and see if something there would fit into your curriculum.

If you click on the pyramid below, it will take you to the actual website where the entire pyramid exists. AND when you’re at that website, you can click on the various “ads” you’ll be taken you to each of the sites shown (Google Analytics, Create A Graph, etc.)

Partial Pyramid

website for pyramid: http://www.usi.edu/distance/bdt.htm


4 thoughts on “Speaking of Bloom’s Taxonomy… and pyramids…

    • I can confirm exactly what you say.
      In fact, I searched the internet and found many references to the same place, and none of them work either!

  1. Go to archive.org. Copy the link into the wayback machine. Click on the date it gives you and it will pull up. You can then click on the Web. 2.0 options from there. Hope this helps.

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