Got Bookmarks? Use iCrumz!

Do you save a lot of bookmarks on your Internet browser on your computer and find that they’ve disappeared when you use another computer?  Or you save your bookmarks in Internet Explorer and can’t find them when you use Mozilla Firefox?  There’s a simple solution to your problem.  It’s called online bookmarking.

Online bookmarking is a wonderful tool!  It allows you to save all your bookmarks on a secured web service, from which you can later access via Internet no matter what computer or Internet browser you use.

There are many online bookmarking services, but all I want is one that’s simple, easy to use, and acts similar to the bookmarking tool on Internet Explorer and Firefox.  After hours of searching and testing multiple bookmarking services (Delicious, Diigo, Google Bookmarks, etc.), I found one I like:  iCrumz.

  • All your bookmarks are listed on one page.
  • You can create “folder” categories (highlighted in orange) AND subcategories (and sub-subcategories!)
  • You can keep your folders opened or closed by clicking once on the category title so you can show or hide your links as you prefer.
  • You can re-organize your bookmarks by dragging and dropping them into a new folder with your mouse.
  • You can add bookmarks with one easy click.  All you need to do is drag the +iCrumz link to your browser’s Bookmark Toolbar to set it up.

UPDATE 11/1/12: I’m really disappointed that it has disappeared. Apparently, the start-up company and the programmer had a falling out.  I hope they work it out because this is a great product.


3 thoughts on “Got Bookmarks? Use iCrumz!

    • Hi Sue! Thanks for introducing another bookmarking service. I tried Shortmarks and liked it, but found out pretty fast that it was not meant for me. I kept forgetting what my keywords were….

  1. Hello Lily. Matthew Graczyk here. I am the CEO for iCrumz. We just discovered that you reviewed our online bookmarking service. Thank you so much for helping us get the word out! We really appreciate it.

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