ANGEL 8.0 Upgrade

Centralia College ANGEL will be upgraded to ANGEL 8.0 on September 10th @ 2:00 am PST.  The upgrade is scheduled to take 8-10 hours, but may take less.  During this time, ANGEL will be offline which means you will not be able to use ANGEL on September 10th from about 2 AM until about Noon on that day. Click the following link to see an outline of the upgrades that will be performed on that day:  ANGEL 8.0 Upgrade.

Some quick highlights are:



Certification   for the desktop versions of Google Chrome
and Apple’s Safari browserBatch export
Blackboard   Mobile™ Learn for ANGELAssessment   Navigation

Discussion   Forum rubrics


Content   exchange

Gradebook   copy

Zip   file import

If you have any questions, feel free to ask eLearning!  We will be reminding you again over the summer and then at the beginning of September.


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