Am I the Last One? Office Status Bar

I was reading a book about Excel (we all get our kicks in different ways!) and stumbled across something I think I knew but had certainly forgotten.

The Office status bar is the long gray bar that shows at the bottom of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.

In Excel, it’s easy to modify the status bar so that it shows the things you want. For example, I love it when it tells me I have CAPS LOCK on, or if I’ve accidentally clicked the SCROLL LOCK button.

It’s easy to tell the status bar what you want to see, and to tell it what you do not want to see.

From within Excel, simply right-click on the status bar at the bottom of the window. A menu will pop up. Put a checkmark in front of the things you’d like to see; or uncheck the things you no longer want to see.

In Excel, you can even have the status bar show the result of simple math – like sum, count, average etc. All you would then have to do is highlight some cells, and the math results will automatically show in the status bar. Too sweet. Excel Status Bar

In Word, the status bar can show you a word count, line number, page numbers, whether Track Changes is on, etc.

I think the status bar is most useful in Excel and Word, but even in PowerPoint, the status bar can show you the Theme you’re using, the zoom slider, the zoom to fit button, etc. In Outlook, the status bar can show you the zoom slider, number of unread emails, etc.


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