Am I the Last One? RSS Feeds

I tried RSS feeds years ago and honestly I used it for work-related subjects and just didn’t “get it”.

But now-a-days, I read a lot of blogs about watercolors. About once a week I go through all my bookmarks/favorites and one-at-a-time I go to each blog to see what’s new. Usually I end up missing a few. It gets very tiresome – going to Favorites, Watercolors, Blogs, and then finding the one I bookmarked; and doing this again and again and again.

Today I was on a website which had a great list of new watercolor blogs. All I could say was “Oh no… I can’t bookmark anymore and hope to keep track of them all”.

Thankfully, one poster reminded readers about RSS feeds.

Basically, without worrying about what RSS stands for… you can have just one place that automatically brings in all the latest posts from the blogs you want to follow! The one place is called an RSS Reader and you “subscribing” to the things you want to follow. It was amazingly easy.

I went to Wikipedia and read up on RSS (no need for you to do this). They included a  l-o-n-g  list of all the different RSS readers (big word:  aggregators). I won’t bore you with the details but I saw that Google had an RSS reader and that was good enough for me since I already have a Google (gmail) account.

I went to and I was in!

Here’s what my Google Reader looks like now that I’ve subscribed to several blogs:

Google Reader

To subscribe to something you want to follow (I’m doing watercolor blogs), find the URL of what you want to follow (for example:
Copy that URL.
In Google Reader, click on the big Subscribe button near the top left in the screenshot above.
A place for your URL will show.
Paste in your URL.
Click the Add button to add your new subscription.

Now I only have ONE PLACE to go to, to keep track of all my watercolor blogs. I’m saving time so I can spend more time learning about watercolors and less time clicking through a long list of favorites!  And as if that’s not enough, I can access my Google Reader from any computer on the internet… wonderful!


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