Collusion? I *had* to try it

I’ve been reading a lot lately about websites that track where we’ve clicked and where we go. The tracking comes in the form of ad servers, market research companies etc. Collusion creates a real-time diagram showing how websites are linked via ad services like Double Click. This allows ad services to build a profile of my surfing habits and in turn target me with personalized ads (ug).

You can see how YOUR actions are tracked too.

First, this is an experimental add-on to the FireFox browser only (sorry everyone else!)

Start FireFox and install the Collusion add-on.

In the far lower right corner of your browser you’ll now see a circle, click on that to open a new tab for Collusion.  You’ll be bouncing back and forth between your Collusion tab and your “normal” tab.

Return to your normal tab (I was at Google) and go to a website (I went to

Look at the Collusion tab and see what shows. (nothing much for me to see)

Go to another site in your normal tab (I went to

Return to the Collusion tab (bam! Wowzer! look at all the places that “know” I went to the KOMO TV website!)
You can click-hold-and-drag the icons in Collusion to rearrange things so they’re easier to see.

Great fun… and very big-brother-ish.

Collusion Diagram


2 thoughts on “Collusion? I *had* to try it

  1. I had to try it too. In fact it finally induced me to upgrade my firefox. With all the issues, I was still running 3.6 according to the the better safe than sorry rule!

    Very interesting. Of course we all knew something like this was going on – someone has to be paying or all this internet!

    One observation:When I have multiple sites open (the usual) the ctc links appear as a separate “constellation” on the chart. Centralia was linked to Angel but nothing else. This blog wasn’t linked to anything, as far as I could tell.

    Now if only I could get Amazon to understand we already bought the computer battery. They can stop spamming me now…

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