Bad Weather? Communicating with Students

I have to say, we’ve had our spell of bad weather lately (snow, ice storms, power out for days, etc.) Because of all this, even our connection to college email, Angel and Tegrity was lost! I know for me, without Angel I was unable to contact my students which I usually do through Angel. Also, I’d given my students the option of contacting me through Angel, or college email if they really needed to – but even our campus email was down at times.

Now, I’ve got a third approach to student communication. I’m going to fall back on good ol’ gmail. I’m getting ready for any potential bad weather to come, and those of you that use technology to communicate with students might want to do something similar.

First, I printed my student Angel roster (Communicate, Course Roster), which includes student personal email addresses. I’ll keep a copy of this at home.  BTW, in Angel there are about three ways to find a roster of students; only the one under the Communicate tab will easily show you their email addresses.

Second, I’ve created a brand new gmail account specifically for emergency use by my students. I’ve carefully explained to my students that this is NOT an account I’d check with any regularity, unless college email and Angel are down.

I went to gmail ( and set up a new gmail account:    <== notice the name!

I’ve already given this email address to my Angel students.

A hint? Log in to your new gmail account and set up a filter so all incoming email is automatically forwarded to a different, personal email account. Don’t forward them to your college email, since that may be inaccessible during bad weather.



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