Winter 2012 ANGEL Classrooms to be Created


On Sunday,November 27, Centralia College ANGEL classrooms for winter 2012 will be created. These classrooms will be created in a disabled state.  But on Monday they will be enabled and should automatically show in your list of courses.

Once your course has been created, you can begin adding content.  Students will not be able to see winter classrooms until December 27th; and on that date students will be added to your rosters and they will then be able to see your content.

Please remind your students that Kathy Brooks is teaching a no-cost, no-credit Introduction to Online Learning class (SDEV 111) that meets one time on the Centralia College Campus and then the remainder online.  This class will run from 1/3-1/13. More information on this free class is on our eLearning blog: (just search for SDEV)

In case you need an example, here’s a sample ANGEL announcement you might edit and use when students begin looking at your content on December 27th:

——————————— sample announcement ——————————————

Welcome to ____; I can’t wait for classes to begin on January 2nd.

The first thing you should do in this Angel classroom is to click on the Lessons tab and find your syllabus. Your course syllabus contains important information about what you’ll learn in class, a schedule, and how you will be assessed.

The second thing you should do is also under the Lessons tab. Open the Student Success folder and explore the contents – you’ll find how to use our official student email, how to configure ANGEL, and even videos for our college’s fitness center.

Third, consider signing up RIGHT NOW for SDEV 111 – our no-cost, no-credit course for Online Learners.

Questions before class begins? Use Angel email (look in the Student Success folder for help) and contact me!

— Your Name Here



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