New Quality Matters Rubric

In Centralia College’s eLearning department we’ve been working to integrate concepts from the new Quality Matters rubric into our internal eLearning Quality Checklist. Both Connie S. and Kathy B. have completed training to upgrade their skills to the new rubric. Highlights of the 2011-2013 Rubric are

  • still eight General Standards
  • 41 specific standards
  • 81 points or higher needed to meet the official QM expectations
  • There three new standards

1.4 – course and/or institutional policies with which the student is expected to comply are clearly stated, or a link to current policies is provided.
4.5 – The instructional materials present a variety of perspectives on the course content.
4.6 – The distinction between required and optional materials is clearly explained.

Most of the changes involve enhancing clarity, adding annotations, and providing more guidance for evaluators.

If you’d like a copy of the rubric, give Kathy B. in eLearning a call at ext. 673.


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