Using Tegrity as a Test Proctor

Tegrity iconThis is a wild idea, and yes, there are some limitations…but… did you know you can use Tegrity as a way to proctor students while they take tests?

Here’s the experiment I tried myself:

  • I had to make sure my student’s computer had the requirements to make recordings (enough RAM, speed, webcam, microphone and internet access).
  • I had to make sure my student downloaded and installed the Tegrity recording software (free).
  • I had to make sure my student understood what was expected.

Here is a YouTube video showing a student (me; AKA Donald Duck) taking a test and what the test results look like.


One thought on “Using Tegrity as a Test Proctor

  1. Been meaning to get over to this one. Great idea from the innovation point of view but what a can of worms… The biggest problem I can see is it strikes me as inevitable that in a given class there will be at least a few people who cannot do this. What then? Do you have two “classes” of students in your class?

    My computer can handle Tegrity but the size of these files is daunting. I have a portable wifi. I only have5 gb a month on my plan. It is plenty for most things but a single Tegrity (my personal average count) will run about 250 mb. That only gives me 20 of them a month if that is all I do. I’m afraid the system has to grow into this. You need the equivalent of movie streaming capability to make this work consistently and I doubt that is common enough to make this practical.

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