Laptop Woes? Tegrity Having Fits?

I had an interesting troubleshooting session this weekend with one of our Centralia College teachers. Frankly, I was unable to help him, but thankfully HE figured out the problem!

This teacher was making Tegrity recordings on a PC laptop and the audio portion of the recording was truly horrible. The sound cut out, was distorted and lagged far behind the video. It was ugly.

How did the teacher solve the problem? He remembered that he’s recently changed the Power Settings on his laptop! He had configured his computer to use little power to save battery life.  When he then tried to make audio/video recordings, the laptop was busy conserving power and not doing a good job with his high-performance requests. When the teacher set things back to “high performance” everything worked well.

So, if you have problems with your laptop, check your Power Settings.

You can find your Power Settings by right-clicking in your battery icon (lower right corner of the screen), or finding it within your Control Panel. In Windows 7, it looks like this:

Power Options

And if you happen to be a techy person who maybe played with some of the advanced settings… you can see that you *can* affect a lot performance on your computer with these settings.  A word of advice (ok, maybe two words):  Be Careful!

Power Advanced Settings


One thought on “Laptop Woes? Tegrity Having Fits?

  1. Yes. Sound and video eat a lot of power. You need to be plugged in, charged up, and maxed out!

    A little coffee helps too – for you, not the laptop…

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