Exporting an Angel Classroom

Every so often, and certainly at the end of the quarter, I like to export my Angel classrooms. This gives me a copy of my course, on my own computer, “just in case”.  I like to do this every couple of weeks, so that if disaster strikes, I’ll be able to go back to a version of my classroom that’s fairly recent.  (Of course, use the “backup” feature in Angel too, and use it often… but I do like the feel of controlling my own files, on my own computer – so an Export works well for me.)

Exporting an Angel Class

  • Enter a classroom
  • Manage tab
  • Export Console link
  • Angel Format link
  • Check the things you want (I usually want it all)
    • Note the one checkmark you probably do NOT want to check: Do Not Include Files
  • Next button

You’re done, at least for a while. Your export “job” will go into a queue and be processed. You can stay in Angel and do things, or log out. You should receive notice in your email when the job is complete.

When the job is done, return to the same Angel classroom

  • Manage tab
  • Export console
  • You’ll see something like this:

Export Job

  • Click on the name of the file (CC_TEGRITYRECORDI… in the screenshot)
  • Save As where you would like – and I usually rename the file to include the date, something like:  BTEC 214-10-21-11.zip)

Then sit back and relax – you’ve got your own copy of your Angel course!


4 thoughts on “Exporting an Angel Classroom

  1. I am trying to export (and import) some Angel courses and after going through the motions from the Management tab, I am getting a message saying it is queued, but it is still stuck there after several hours. Is there a cron job or something that needs to be running in the background to get either an import or export to run?

    • Hi Jason,

      Are you affiliated with Centralia College? We could help troubleshoot if your courses are through us. Otherwise, you should contact your Angel administrator at your campus.

      Our instructional designer says you can try rebooting your computer and re-exporting. That seems to be a typical “fix.” If you’re on wireless, sometimes there can be problems with doing exports.


  2. HI Sue,

    No, I’m not affiliated with Centralia…

    The instance of Angel (7.4) is running on a server, and in reading through other documentation I’ve found online, learned that in this version, the process of importing/exporting/backing up is shifted to “a second server” so that you can continue to work in ANgel while that process runs. My question is really rooted in finding out what process engine handles that import or export because it is queued in the instance I am running but never seems to “spool”. WHile I could theoretically restart the server, am not sure that’s something we want to do as there are several sandboxes running on that server which would bring programming, R&D, and testing in other areas to a halt.

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