Tegrity on Your SmartPhone

Tegrity On iPhone

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can get a free app and watch your Tegrity recordings on the go!

It’s simple, but just in case, I made a video showing the steps.

Basically, here’s how it works at Centralia College:

  1. download the free Tegrity app
  2. start the app – it will ask you for a code
  3. now jump on a computer (or at least for me it’s easiest on a computer!) and go to Angel (huh? Angel?  Yup, Angel). Once you log in to Angel, click on the Tegrity icon that shows on your Angel home page.  This will bring up the Tegrity website AND you will be logged in as “you”.
  4. click on the Settings link in the upper right corner
  5. find the section about generating a code for iOS or Android – click on the Generate Code button
  6. take note of the code generated
  7. now back to your smart phone -where it’s asking you to type in your code
  8. enter the code generated in Tegrity, click connect, and
  9. you’re in!

A list of your courses should show across the top of your Tegrity app – just flip through them to find the course you want. Tap the course, then a list of recordings should show, tap the recording you want to watch.


One thought on “Tegrity on Your SmartPhone

  1. Hey Kathy,

    Thanks for posting this. I think the Android app will help a lot of people. For iPhone users they should know that the Tegrity app now requires iOS 3.2. =( for those of us with an older phone…

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