The Next Time I Teach Online…

snipping toolWhile my current online students seem to be doing fine technology-wise, I’m already gathering ideas for next time.

#1 on my list:  My first class project is going to teach my students how to take screenshots and submit them via a dropbox. We already have a Tegrity Recording on how to take screenshots, and I’m going to use those skills, along with How to Use an Angel Dropbox, to have my students take a screenshot of the System Check box when they first connect to Angel.
(These recordings are also available in our Student Success folder, and there are lots of practice items in the Practice Items folder.  I might just modify the practice DropBox into my first assignment!)

This assignment will let me confirm that students can submit a document using a dropbox AND that they are using the correct web browser AND it’s correctly configured.

I’d recommend everyone using Angel join me in this first assignment for next quarter!

(and BTW, have any of you tried the new, wonderful Snipping tool in Windows Vista/7 ? I can’t live without it!)


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