Is Your Angel Classroom Overweight?

Yup, even Angel classrooms have a preferred size.  Our state contract with Angel gently enforces a 300 MB size limit for each Angel classroom.  The files you as a teacher put in your class add to your course size – as do your students’ submissions!  Usually it’s not a problem, but if you use huge files, or your students submit huge files, then it may become a problem. Each quarter eLearning gets a list of the “overweight” classes and then we work with faculty to put that Angel classroom on a healthier diet!

How do you know?

You can easily see how much storage space you’ve used.  Enter each Angel classroom, then go to the

  • Manage tab
  • Course files manager

Look near the top left and you’ll see your current “weight”.  Here’s a screenshot of my current class – you can see that my course has used up 6.6 MB of its alloted 300 MB of space (whew):

Course Files Manager

How do you avoid a “big-boned” course? 

  • If you have huge files, consider storing them on the Media Server (very cool) – instructions are here.
  • If your students are turning in large files, do they *have* to be large? For example, if students are turning in images, do they really need to be 3,000 pixels wide?  Would a smaller image work? Instructions for resizing images are here.
  • If you, or your students are using PowerPoint slide shows with images, have the images been compressed? Instructions are here.
  • If you must have large images, or your students must submit large files, consider a rotating schedule. Accept homework for the first 3 weeks, then delete the submissions from the 1st week. After students have submitted files for the 4th week, delete those from the 2nd week.

Need help?  Give eLearning a holler!


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