Grading Online Homework… how?

video iconYes, I’ve gone a little crazy. My students in my fully online Excel course turned in their first homework assignments. I’ll be honest… my students turn in quite a few Excel documents, but I only grade two of them per chapter.  The two I grade are randomly selected, by a roll of the dice.

So, how did I grade my students’ work?  Can you guess?  Yup. I made a private Tegrity recording for each student as I went through a checklist and looked over their two Excel documents.  And yes, it was a bit of work, but I would have done the same amount of grading whether it was on paper or on a video. What was different was the amount of feedback I could easily provide each student.

What did take some time was once each Tegrity recording was finished, I made a separate link to each recording and then emailed each student just the link to their one recording. These Tegrity recordings were also saved in a “private” classroom within Tegrity – so no students can find them if they try looking in my Excel Tegrity room.

Was it worth it? You bet! I checked and all of my students have already looked at their videos! Here’s one student’s comments, about my “grade” recording:

I thought it was neat because if I had made a mistake, instead of wondering what it was, or how to fix it etc, you’d have told me! I wouldn’t be wondering why my grade was less perfect.

A couple of students have given me permission to share their grade recordings with faculty at Centralia College, so I’ll be sending those links out via our campus email (and not this public blog).


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