Fully online, first homework submitted

I guess my first question is, is this normal?

My class is capped at 16, but I started the quarter with 17 students.  It’s the end of the second week and I’m down to 14 already. When you add in the two that still have not even logged in (arg), I’m down to 12 students.

My first homework was due by the end of Wednesday, and thankfully those who submitted files did so early, so I could help a very few who had issues.  But… another two students submitted nothing… it’s like my attendance is down to just 10 students.

Of those who did submit homework, the average grade was 27.1/30 points, which is pretty good! I also did a very careful review of their homework, since this in their first submission and I want them to see how I grade things and how carefully I’ll be looking at things in the future.

Did I say “I want them to see how I grade”?  Yup. I made a Tegrity recording for each student as I graded their homework on my computer at home. Very cool. I used a checklist for each assignment and I could show each student what I was looking for and how I knew if they successfully completed that one item or not. I could even show them how to fix problems! I think it worked very well. It was a bit time-consuming – not the recording, but I had to make sure I kept all the recordings in a “private” area in Tegrity (no students can find them by wandering around in Tegrity) and I had to send each student a separate email with a link to just their one recording.  *That* took time. I’m hoping for some good feedback from students!


One thought on “Fully online, first homework submitted

  1. Well, it sounds “normal” compared to my first fully online class. Started with 16; 14 doing work; now 3 withdrawals (perhaps adminstrative for nonpayment) and 12 doing the work. Love the idea about individual feedback via Tegrity. lgf

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