YouTube Videos – Embed… or EMBED!

you tubeYup… problems with YouTube videos. This has been going on for a while, but is really coming to a head as instructors add NEW links to YouTube videos.

Here’s the gist of things:

If, within Angel, you have existing LINKS to YouTube videos that work, DO NOTHING.

If, within Angel, you have existing PAGES with EMBEDDED YouTube videos that work, DO NOTHING.

But… if you’re about to add a YouTube video to Angel… LINKS NO LONGER WORK.  You *must* embed the videos. (see The Truth, below)

How to Embed a YouTube video into Angel

  1. Find the YouTube video
  2. Click on the Share button in YouTube (currently beneath the video)
  3. Now click on the Embed button (still lower on the page)
  4. The embed “code” you need with show and already be highlighted for you
  5. Copy the embed “code”
  6. Get into Angel, Lessons tab, Add Content
  7. Create a PAGE content item (this is a trick – you must create a page)
  8. Click on the “source” button in the editing toolbar (usually the last button, possibly on the bottom row of buttons)
  9. Paste the embed code.
  10. Save!

The Truth?  Yes, you can still link to YouTube videos, but it’s a pain.  For those who want the details:

If you want to link to a YouTube video, copy the URL for the video, it will look something like this:

Take the link/text you just copied and use it as the TITLE of a LINK content item in Angel.

EDIT your new TITLE by adding text like this: <a href = “” target = “_blank”>Real Title of Video</a>

You will NOT need to add a URL “link”.  Just edit the title as shown and Save.

Now you can see why it’s easier to just embed!


One thought on “YouTube Videos – Embed… or EMBED!

  1. I teach at BTC (Bellingham TEch) and am trying desperately to follow your instructions. Can’t find the source code on Angel. Please advise Thanks kate Yamamoto

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