Week One – my fully online class

actorWelllllllllll… I’m in the midst of the first week of instruction in my fully online Excel class and honestly, I’m not sure how it’s going?  Since this is my first fully online class my enrollment is capped at 16 students.  My Angel classroom opened 11 days ago and instruction formally began 4 days ago.

I have 5 students who still have not log logged in to my class.  I keep emailing them within Angel (with a copy to their “internet” addresses) but get no response.

I’ll be using Blackboard Collaborate (web conferencing) for my virtual office hour and have put on 2 practice sessions in the evenings this week. No one has shown up.

I have an “Ask Your Teacher” discussion forum which I pre-loaded with a question/answer for the due date of the first homework. One student has posted a question –  asking about the due date for the first homework (it was actually kind of cute).

I’ve received 1 Angel email from a student which was very similar to the same email from the same student I’d received and replied to, 2 weeks earlier in college email.

I feel like I’m standing up on stage, all set for a performance, and no one is in the audience!

On the good side, one student has already turned in homework that’s not due for another 7 days.


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