On Our Hands & Knees Begging You…

beggingAngel teachers at Centralia College…please… we’re begging you… if you do not already have the Student Success folder in ALL of your Angel classrooms, you really need add it.

( If you send me a list of your Angel classrooms names, I’d be glad to add it for you. –KB )

Our students are relying on the content in the Student Success folder for not only Angel help, but Tegrity information, Financial Aid verification forms, videos about the college’s fitness equipment, research in the library, how to use student email accounts, campus emergency notification system, new requirements for student printing on campus, etc.

Students are coming to us for help, and we’d like to be able to log in to Angel as each student and show them the wonderful resources in YOUR Angel classroom!

Here’s a blog post about the Student Success folder with steps showing you how to add it to your Angel classroom.

(and did you know there’s a Faculty Success Folder too!  Full of good information for those who use technology.  Blog post here)


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