Are You Ready for Angel?

If you teach, or are taking a course that uses the Angel website… before you dive in too deep… be sure you

  • Are going to the most direct website:
  • Use only the correct web browser:  Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • Have your web browser correctly configured: look at the System Check box in Angel, do you see NINE green checkmarks?
  • Know what kind of course you’re taking:  1 = fully online, 2 = eCorrespondence, 3 = hybrid, 4 = web-enhanced
  • Look for these in each classroom
    • Announcements
    • Practice items folder
    • Student Success folder for help
  • Log out of Angel when done – do not just close your browser
  • Ask for help
    • Look in the Student Success folder within your Angel classroom
    • Come to the Kirk Library on main campus and go to the Ask Here Desk
    • eMail our eLearning office at:  or call, 360-736-9391, ext. 672

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