Tableau for Teaching – it’s like Excel on steroids!


Sue G. and I have played a tiny tiny bit with Tableau and we’re so excited about the possibilities.

What is Tableau?  I’d have to say it’s like a cross between Excel and Access and has incredible data visualization possibilities.  Once you start playing with it, all you can say is “what will my data tell me if I try this?”

Although the full-blown version of Tableau is a bit expensive, there is a FREE version for FACULTY to use with their students.  From the folks at Tableau: we offer Tableau as a free teaching solution for faculty members; it’s called Tableau For Teaching.

Tableau for Teaching (TfT) is a free program that puts software into the hands of educators looking to provide visualization and analysis into their curriculum.

New to Tableau? You can see a short demo here:

Three recent studies on data analysis and business intelligence might also be of interest to you:

The first is an article published by Prof. Chamont Wang and Prof. Michele Meisner on visualization techniques using Tableau (click here).

The second article is an industry study conducted by Gartner; the preeminent IT industry analyst firm.  In this report, see how Tableau ranks among other data analysis tools (click here).

This blog covers two large articles on the need for more business intelligence programs in universities (click here).

More information on using Tableau in your coursework can be found on Tableau’s Academic Programs page.

[ There is a fabulous 60-minute video showing the amazing things that can be done with Tableau. You will have to register first, but it’s worth it. Here’s the link to the Amazing Things Tableau video: Don’t blame me if you’re drooling over the Tableau possibilities before the video is over!  –KB ]


2 thoughts on “Tableau for Teaching – it’s like Excel on steroids!

  1. Tableau looks like it has a nice user interface and produces some impressive visualizations. An even more powerful graphing and data analysis package is OriginLab. It’s been around for 20 years and always has a full page color glossy ad on the inside cover of Physics Today.

    The student version is cheaper than a textbook. An academic single use license is about $500,

    Check out their stunning graphics gallery here:

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