Faculty – are you ready for fall classes?

Maple leafGet Ready for Fall Quarter
eLearning Checklist

  • Angel classrooms open – September 12
  • Instruction begins – September 19
  • Last class day, including finals – December 7
  • Grades due – December 12
  • Classrooms close for students – December 14

With your Previous Quarter Classes

  • Backup each course (will include student data)
  • Export each course and save it (no student data)
  • Print grades from each course; file them
  • Update the master classroom for each course

With your New Quarter Classes

  • Want to cluster classes? Contact Eric by Sept. 16, ext. 374 (erichardson@centralia.edu)
  • Check your master classroom – does it have Student Success, Faculty Success and Practice Items from our college LOR?
  • Import or Copy content from each course’s master classroom
  • Compare each Angel roster to the Instructor Briefcase roster
  • Is your syllabus still correct?
  • Quarter, office hours/location, textbook, objectives, preferred contact method, any new syllabus requirements from the Instruction office?
  • If you use the Angel calendar, is it correct for each class?
  • Open and use each and every content item
  • Do links still work, are files present, are things hidden/visible as you’d like?
  • Check each assignment’s due dates
  • Confirm that your gradebook and assignments are correct
  • Check the Course Files Manager for leftover content from previous quarters
  • Update “welcome” announcement – do students know where to start?

Need help?

Check the Faculty Success folder, or give Kathy a call (ext. 673) or email (kbrooks@centralia.edu)


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