Gems of Pedagogy – year-long community

[ This was sent out via email to Centralia College faculty on August 17, 20o11  –KB ]

Beginning this fall, North Seattle is offering a year-long community of practice for faculty.  The program is called Gems of Pedagogy: intentionality in classroom leadership. Participants will meet monthly and experience an entirely self-constructed deep exploration of pedagogy.  Faculty from all disciplines are welcome.

The attached flyer describes the program and how to apply [ you can get this flyer from Kathy Brooks on the Centralia College campus, just call ext. 673 ].  We are extending this learning community invitation to all faculty within the Seattle CC district and to those from neighboring colleges as well.  Please consider being part of this transformative learning experience.

If you are interested, send the following information to Jack Bautsch (
name, e-mail, college, subject(s) you teach, and a brief statement (250 words or less) describing what attracts you to the Gems series and what you hope to gain from participating.  We can enroll 20 participants.  If more than 20 apply, we will use application information to choose a diverse group.  First consideration will be given to applications received by September 16th 2011.  There is no fee for the series.

Thank you for your interest.

Jack Bautsch
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
North Seattle Community College


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