When Angel Doesn’t Work Right…

Angel… when things don’t work right  (July 2011)

sad face

How’s your Internet connection?
If you have slow or unreliable internet access, things may “time out” and you’ll have problems.  For example, some satellite or DSL internet services do not play well with Angel.

Are you connecting to the correct website?

Are you using the correct web browser?
Currently ONLY Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla’s Firefox 4.0.1 are reliable. You can confirm which browser you’re using when you first connect to the Angel site (before you log in).
Do NOT use Safari or Chrome or…

Before you log in, look at the System Check box.
You must have ALL NINE GREEN checkmarks – no red X’s allowed.
If you do not see all nine, you need to add components to your computer; these components are all free.
You can also confirm which browser you’re using, in the System Check box.

Only log into Angel once.
Do Not open Angel in more than one tab in your browser
Do Not open Angel in two different browsers at the same time

Be sure to log out when you’re done.
Do  not log into Angel just once and let it sit there for days and days. Instead, when you’re finished with each session, log out.  This means more than just closing the Angel window. Instead, on the left side of the screen click on the Logoff button.

Need help with using Angel?
If you need help using dropboxes, discussion forums, taking tests, etc., you *should* see a Student Success folder under the Lessons tab in each of your
Angel classrooms. If it’s not there, ask you teacher.


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