The Perfect Question?

I get asked lots of questions by faculty and students… often about things in Angel.

The more clear and detailed the question, the faster and more clearly I can answer.  Here’s an example of a perfect question I recently received from a faculty member at Centralia College (details changed to protect the innocent):

Sally Student
ID number 910-12-3456
Business English 150
course item number 6789
spring quarter
student recently took tests 1-6, but tests 1-3 don’t show any results

Do you have any ideas on this?

How great is this question!  It tells me

  • who it’s about (the student’s name and ID number)
  • what’s wrong (tests #1-3 not showing any results)
  • where to look (the course name and number)
  • and even when (spring quarter)

Needless to say, with all this perfect information, it was quick and easy for me to look into the problem and get an answer back to the teacher!


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