RFP Process for New LMS Will Commence This Fall

Angel (TV series)

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Connie Broughton, Interim Director of eLearning and Open Education for the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges, gives us the scoop on Angel.

Here’s the big point of this post:  We will have Angel through June 2014.

We reported this before, but we do have concrete information now.  Below is the timeline we are looking at in our state, and we in eLearning will be on top of it and communicating with you along the way.

Fall 2011 – RFP Process begins.  A statewide RFP team will be convened to shepherd the process along, including multiple opportunities for feedback from YOU.  The team will be identifying platform needs and will seek to coordinate this with lots of feedback.

Winter 2012 – Release RFP and review.  In the last RFP when Angel was selected we had two people from our campus who reviewed LMS’s that were part of the process.  I urge your participation as these opportunities arise.

Spring 2012 – New Contract Ready. Two-year migration process from Angel to new LMS begins.

Kathy and Eric will be on point for us.  There will be focused effort on supporting this move.

Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side.  This is a great opportunity since the field of LMS’s has evolved during our Angel years. While we’ve been satisfied with the LMS, I’m sure there are things that frustrate you or capabilities that you wish you had.  I hope you use the opportunity in the next few months to shape this statewide decision.

Let us know if you have questions!


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