Browser Woes on Campus

sadRecently, many of our computers on campus automatically updated our web browser to Internet Explorer version 9 (I.E.9). This is a bit out of our hands because Microsoft marked this as a “critical update” – so we get it. When we try to go back to a previous version, the Microsoft critical update just reinstalls I.E.9.

Why does this interest you? Angel is not happy with I.E.9 (which we’re stuck with). I’m hearing that other websites critical to our students’ success (WebAssign for one) are not playing well with I.E. 9 either. Even with I.E.9 in “compatible mode” we’re hearing about problems.

A similar issue is happening with the FireFox web browser – the just-released version (5.0.1) doesn’t not work well with Angel.

What can Centralia College employees do?

Until Angel applies service packs to deal with this (in a “couple of weeks” for Angel), we’re stuck with I.E.9.

However, we’re not quite as stuck with the latest version of FireFox. Older versions of Mozilla’s FireFox (4.0.1) appear work just fine with Angel. I’ve tested it in my office both as faculty and as a student.

If you want to have an older version of FireFox (4.0.1) installed to your college computer (and you DO if you’re using Angel), please contact our IT Help Desk ASAP by going to and Login using your college information

(mine is kbrooks@… and then my network password I use when I log onto my computer in my office)

When you get to the screen that asks for summary/description/HW-EQ #, etc., be sure to include:


This is the key phrase that our IT folks need, so they know to install an older version of FireFox on your computer.

Our wonderful IT staff will adding FireFox 4.0.1 to the campus computer labs as well.

We’re moving as fast as we can on this, but if you have questions, let me know.

[ Coming Soon: a Tegrity recording on how to uninstall FireFox should you have it, and how to get and install FireFox 4.0.1 if you or your students need to do so at home. ]


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