Faculty Success folder!

Thumbs UpFabulous news!  eLearning at Centralia College has created a folder full of faculty resources for Angel, Tegrity, Quality Matters, etc.

And the best part of it all? You can easily have this folder in every one of your Angel classrooms! No more wondering “where did Kathy put that video about…” – you’ll have it right at your fingertips (or at least, at your “mouse clicks”).

How does this all work?  Well, in Angel, we have a campus-wide Learning Object Repository (LOR).  In that LOR the eLearning folks can put things that can be accessed by all Centralia College courses. You simply “link” to the Faculty Success folder in the LOR and it will be in your Angel course without using up hardly any of your storage space.

How to get the Faculty Success folder in your Angel classroom:

  1. Enter your Angel classroom, Lessons tab
  2. Add Content
  3. Import from Learning Object Repository (might have to scroll down to find this)
  4. Expand Centralia College LOR
  5. Checkmark in front of Faculty Success
  6. and click on the LINK (link! link! link!) button
  7. When it’s done, just return to the Lessons tab

Once the Faculty Success folder is in your classroom, you’ll probably want to hide the entire folder from students (Settings, Access tab, check: do not allow users to view this item, save).

Here are some previous recordings that may also be of interest:

Overview of LOR (Tegrity recording)

Your personal LOR (Tegrity recording)

Using the Campus-wide LOR (Tegrity recording)

Using the Student Success folder (blog post)

(and you know what? If you let us in eLearning know (ext. 673 for Kathy B.) we’ll do the work for you! Just let us know specificially which courses need the Faculty Success folder.)

(oh… and do you already have the Student Success folder in all your Angel classrooms???  Same steps as above!!)


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