Got I.E. 9?

Some of us here at Centralia College suddenly have Internet Explorer version 9 on our computers (and on mine at home too)! Surprise! While this may be good/bad, currently the Angel course management system does not “play well” with I.E. 9. It’s hoped that by fall 2011 this will be resolved, but for now, here’s how to make I.E. 9 and Angel get along.

First, how do you know you have I.E. 9?

Welllllllllll… while Internet Explorer version 9 (I.E. 9) certain has a different “look” than previous versions, I always like to make sure I know which version I’m using – and not rely on the “look” of a screen.

Look near the upper-right corner of the I.E. screen.  You may see two little buttons that look like gears. Click on the top-most gear and a menu should appear.  From that menu, choose About Internet Explorer.  Like this:

About I.E.9

You should see the About Internet Explorer little window, and *if* you have I.E. 9, you should see this:


And honestly, if you have the “gear” buttons showing in the upper-right corner of your browser screen, you probably *do* have Internet Explorer 9!

Now that you have I.E. 9… for sure… let’s modify it just a smidge so that more toolbars show at the top.

Make More Toolbars Show

Near the top of I.E.9 is probably a long gray title bar… with a larger area of just grey somewhere.  Right-click in that large gray area and a menu should pop up.  Like this:

Add More Toolbars

One at a time I right-click in the gray area, and then from the menu that pops up, I left-click on the toolbars I want.  I add the menu bar and favorites bar.


So how does all this make I.E. 9 and Angel work together better?  Well… we’re almost there.

Now that we have a menu bar showing, with choices such as File, Edit, Favorites, etc., we can modify how Internet Explorer works.  Follow along, we’re just about there!

Making I.E. 9 Work with Angel

On the I.E. 9 menu bar, click on Tools–>Compatibility Settings.  A window will pop up where you are allowed to specific how I.E. 9 should act with certain websites.  We want to tell I.E. 9 to be “compatible” (or, act like the previous version of I.E.) with our Centralia College Angel website.

Compatibility MenuIn the little window that pops up (see image below), type in the website:
(be sure to spell it right!)
Click on the Add button, then close the window.



But wait a sec’.  Look at the image shown right above this text for just a bit.  Look at the upper left corner of the picture.  See the little image that looks a bit like a piece of paper torn in half?  That’s the “compatibility” icon. Got it memorized?

Ok… return to I.E.  When I’m in a normal ol’ website I can now look up near the top of the screen to the right of where I’d type in a website URL and “see” the icon for compatibility!  If the icon is grayed out, then I.E. is not acting as a previous version of itself, for that website.  If the compatibility icon is bright (blue), then I.E. 9 *is* acting in compatiblity mode!

I.E. 9 in compatibility mode

For now, when in Angel and using I.E. 9, make sure the Compatibility Icon is brightly colored.


One thought on “Got I.E. 9?

  1. I like shortcuts and to make the menu display I like pressing the Alt button on the keyboard instead of using the right click. When I have made the changes then I can make it disappear by clicking Alt again. If I have a small screen this saves space for the things I use all the time.

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