Winter 2011 Classrooms to be deleted!

In the next week or two, Winter 2011 classrooms will be deleted.  Are you prepared for them to disappear for good?  

 Any of you that have eCorrespondence courses still in process from Winter, those will remain open.  Other than that, all Winter 2011 courses will be deleted.  If you would like to save a zip file of the course here is how:

  1. Go into the course
  2. Click the Manage Tab
  3. Under Data Management, Click Export Console
  4. Next you will be asked to select a file type.  Click ANGEL Format
  5. You will then be at the Export Summary page.  This is where you select the areas that you want.  Click Next
  6. It will then be put in the Queue.  Depending on the size of the course and how many other items are in the Queue, will determine how long it will take.  You can navigate away from the page and come back to see if it is finished.

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