How to Know Your Students Know About Student E-mail Accounts.

I have talked to many faculty concerned about students not knowing they have a student e-mail account or not realizing the critical communication that is automatically sent to their e-mail accounts. There have also been many conversations at various meetings about how to get students to use their student e-mail. When I was attending the  ATL conference in Spokane, Monica Lemoine, an instructor at Highline Community College, shared an activity she uses on the first day of class to be sure her students are off to a strong start! She encouraged us to “steal” any ideas we liked so here it is:

Day 1 Information Hunt:

  • Divide the students into small groups
  • Provides a set time limit for them to complete the activity.
  • Provide an instruction sheet to each student

The students must go to the building containing the computer lab, she remains in the classroom. They have to sit together as a group and complete ALL of the tasks on the instruction sheet. If they need help they have to work together to problem solve. Some of the activities on the instruction sheet that each student in the group must complete:

  • Access their student e-mail account
  • Log onto Angel, click on the course name,
  • Navigate to certain documents in Angel that she wants them to print for class.
  • Return to the original classroom and show her what they printed.

At the end of the activity she knows that her students:
• know where the computer lab is located,
• work together to problem solve
• have their student e-mail account activated
• can access Angel, navigate, and print materials.For the complete handout with detailed instructions that she provides the students please e-mail and I will share that document.


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