Quality Matters Training Available – Learn How To Apply the QM Rubric or Become An Official Reviewer

Quality Matters provides a national standard for quality online and blended course design. We have some training opportunities available if you’d like to know more about applying the QM rubric to your online or blended course. As you may know, here at Centralia College we use this to help faculty guide design of courses. Kathy uses a version of the rubric as part of her work with faculty.

This would be a great opportunity to learn how to apply these nationally recognized standards!

Here is the note from Boyoung Chae at SBCTC. Let us in eLearning know if you are interested.

Dear QM Leads,

In March 2011, each college was allocated 3 QM training seats, including 1 APPQMR/PRC, 1 Master reviewer training, and 1 Train the Trainer training.

Due to high demand, SBCTC has purchased additional training seats. Additional seats may be requested by email. Please include the number of seats desired in your request. Please also note, that we have discretion on how budgeted funds are allocated, so if for example, you have several people you would like to send to Applying the QM Rubric training and none for Master Reviewer, please let me know.

The types of trainings we can provide include:

  • Peer Reviewer Certification (PRC)
  • Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR)
  • Master Reviewer Training
  • QM rubric workbooks

On a separate note, I was informed that QM APPQMR/PRC will be split into two separate courses and the participants will register for each course separately. Therefore, if you have not used your allocated APPQMR/PRC seat, please note that you now have 1 APPQMR seat and 1 PRC training seat for each course.


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