Centralia College’s Tutoring Center

Did you know we have a Tutoring Center on campus for our students?  Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our Tutoring Center:

1. We are located in Kemp103.

2. We are staffed with tutors from 9 to 3 Monday through Thursday and Friday from 9 to 1.

3. Our Centralia College students can get help with just about any subject.  We have scheduled tutors that help with math, chemistry, Chinese, physics, and prob and stats.  Other subjects like Spanish, Economics, accounting, music, computers, and electronics are tutored by appointment.

4.  Any registered Centralia College student can get tutoring.

5. To receive tutoring, student must come to Kemp103 and fill out a green “Request for Tutoring” form.  Clear instructions are on the table as you enter the room.

6. There is no cost to students for this service.  (Although the tutors do get paid minimum wage)

7. Occasionally a student requests a tutor for a subject and it’s hard to find someone to tutor them.  Students should do not wait until the last minute to get a tutor.  Tutors are sometimes booked and it takes time to find and hire another tutor.

Tutoring Center


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