Cable Green Moving to Creative Commons

I don’t think any of us are truly surprised that Cable is leaving his position as Director of eLearning and Open Education at the state board and joining Creative Commons. The man is larger than life! I can’t think of a cooler place for him to be than at Creative Commons. Starting July 5, he will be their Director of Global Learning. He will continue to be a proponent of our missions, just in a different way, and I’m excited to see what happens!

Cable’s role there will be to “set strategic direction and priorities to build regional momentum and a global movement to enable robust and vibrant practices and policies for free sharing of education and learning assets.” That is SOOOO him!

Cable is an amazing person and I’m happy to know that our students and learners all over the world will benefit from his energy, intelligence, and passion for open education.

The best part? He tells me he will continue to be a Washingtonian. Sweet!

Keep up with Cable on Twitter.

Update:  Great announcement from Creative Commons.

Update:  See Cable’s announcement here, complete with his position description.  I love the phrase he uses – “collective obligation.”


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