Lots of Images for PowerPoint?

Photo Album SettingsSometimes I’m the last one to find something, and this is one of those times… usually when I have a gazillion images to put into a PowerPoint slide show, I do it one…image…at…a…time. Ug. Yesterday I decided it was time to see if there was an easier way.  And of course, there is!

First, I had all my images in a folder.

Second, I wanted one image per slide in PowerPoint, and just that, no text, nothing fancy.

Third, I’m using PowerPoint 2010.

It was sooooo easy.  Here’s what I did.

  1. Started PowerPoint
  2. Insert–>Photo Album–>New Photo Album (a new window opens)
  3. Clicked on the File/Disk button
  4. Found my images (I could see them), and selected them all (Ctrl + A)
  5. Clicked on the Insert button (returned to the same little window)
  6. Previewed the images one at a time (can reorder, rotate, etc.)
  7. Picked my album layout (for me, it was Fit to Slide, but there are many options)
  8. At this point I was about done, so I clicked the Create button
  9. Wow!

My Slides!


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