Customizing a DropBox in Angel

There are a gazillion things you can set within an Angel dropbox, but I’m finding that the simple thing I’m going to show you here will make your life and your students’ lives easier!

By default a dropbox will come with a place for a student to enter a Title, a Message, and a button to Attach a file. You can change this!

Many teachers want students to ONLY attach files to a dropbox, yet their students will persist in copy/pasting their content into the message box.  For this situation, disable/hide the message box!

Some teachers only want their students to put content into the message box and NOT use the Attach button.  If that’s the case, tell Angel to hide the Attach button.

Here’s how you can customize the dropbox to suit your needs:

Of course, get into Angel, enter you classroom, Lessons tab, find your dropbox and click on its Settings

Submissions tab; here’s a screenshot showing the settings:

DropBox Submission Settings

DropBox Submission Settings

You’ll notice that not only can you set the number of “tries” – or the maximum submissions, but you can also enable or disable the Message Box and the Attachments button!

But I will admit one thing – even if you disable the Attachment button (this will make it not show at all) there will still be a “canned” bit of text you cannot delete, that will show with the Dropbox instructions you provide.  This bit of text will still say:   Instructions: Click “Attachments” to upload your files.
(kind of “ug”, but we’re stuck with it…)


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