Angel Practice Items

It’s time to announce another improvement in our college-wide LOR (see my previous post about our Student Success folder).

I’ve made a folder of practice Angel content for your students. This folder includes videos, text, and practice items for DropBoxes, Discussion Forums and Tests. Similar items are still available within our Week Zero classroom, but by using this special folder you can have these items right within your Angel classroom.

You can copy this folder into your classroom and use it as you would like. You could

  • delete the items you don’t want
  • modify items
  • add items
  • make the practice items worth points, or not!
  • it’s all up to you.

How do you get these practice items?

  1. Go to the Lessons tab of your course
  2. Add Content link
  3. Import from Learning Object Repository (might have to scroll down to find this)
  4. Expand Centralia College LOR (left side of screen)
  5. Checkmark in front of Practice Items / Instructions
  6. Click on Copy Items button (right side of screen)
  7. Done! LOR

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