Two New Online CDs at the Kirk Library



 The Faculty Learning Community (FLC) offered staff an online workshop in February called “How to Balance Online Learner Needs and Instructor Workload.”  The FLC has purchased the “How to Balance Learner needs… companion CD along with another online seminar CD. Both CDs are on reserve for staff at the Kirk Library. See descriptions below:

How to Balance Online Learner Needs and Instructor Workload

  • Create an environment that’s welcoming to students, yet compels to them to work and think individually.
  • Develop assignments and grading strategies to increase student interaction.
  • Avoid feeling overwhelmed by the perceived 24/7 nature of student participation in asynchronous online courses.
  •  Connect students to other members of their class, thereby reducing their reliance on instructors.

Data Driven Decision Making for Online Instructional Design

  •   Understand how data relates to instructional design elements, and develop strategies for measuring the relationship between implementations and         learning outcomes.
  •   Utilize end-of–course and real-time intelligence to understand your instructional strengths and weaknesses, and to influence your future improvements.
  • Develop ways to streamline your design team through the application of institution data points.
  • Create strategies for using data to best allocate financial resources.

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