My Favorite App – Where’s My iPhone?

Wheres iPhoneYes. It happened last night. I lost my iPhone. I had it during an evening class on campus, but when I got home, the campus was the last place I remembered seeing my phone. Eeeeek! I felt totally disconnected with the world!

But – love this app – I have “Where’s My iPhone” installed on both my iPhone and my iPad. Once set up, either device can “find” itself or the other device. And even better – you can also use a web interface!!  For me, I got on the web site, logged in with my Apple user ID and password, asked it to find my phone and it showed me a map – yup. My phone was in my house (not at school!).  So, out came the flashlight and I searched my car – and there was my iPhone! It had fallen off the passenger seat and was wedged into a weird little tight space.

Not only can you “map” the location of your device, you can also remotely ask the device to make a sound so you can find it, or you can add an access key/password, or you can even delete everything off the device (in case it’s stolen).

I love Where’s My iPhone!!  Two thumbs up! Five stars!


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