All Angel All the Time – how’s it goin’?

plus 22 percentIn winter 2011 Centralia implemented something we call “All Angel All the Time”. This means that all courses in the winter 2011 catalog had Angel course shells created. It did not necessarily mean the course shells were used, just that they were available if faculty wanted to use them.  We also lightened up a bit on faculty required training to use Angel. This meant that faculty who just wanted to use Angel a little (web-enhanced) were not required to take training.  We do still require successful completion of faculty Angel training for eCorresondence, Hybrid and fully online courses.

How has this worked?  As one measure, the state folks bill our college once-a-quarter for “active” student accounts.  This is done by doing a count of the individual student users during about the 9th week of the quarter.  Here are the counts for fall 2010 (before All Angel All the Time) and for winter 2011 (with All Angel…)

Fall 2010:  1,788 individual students
Winter 2011: 2,178 individual students

So, without any significant increase in eCorrespondence, Hybrid or Online offerings,
we have a 22% increase in student use of Angel!

I’d say it’s been a success!


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