Survey Says: Students Satisfied with eLearning at Centralia College!

We just closed the winter 2011 eLearning student satisfaction survey (full results) and here are some highlights:

  • 82.1% of students say they are completely or somewhat satisfied with the learning experience
  • 82.6% of students say they are certain or very/somewhat likely to enroll again
  • 4.5% of students were completely dissatisfied with the learning experience

When we drill down into the responses for students that were completely dissatisfied, we find that they strongly disagree that they knew how to get started, that they had adequate training, and that they knew how to contact the eLearning office for help.  This is a pattern that repeats itself each quarter.  We have instituted many measures over the last year (see here) to help students be prepared and informed.  We’ve seen improvement since last year, but still…4.5% of completely dissatisfied students makes me think we can try more!

All in all, over 80% of satisfied students is great and speaks highly of the dedicated staff and faculty working to make this a great learning experience for all.

We do review these surveys carefully so thanks to the students who responded to help eLearning improve our services.  We have shared your thoughtful comments, both the suggestions for improvement and the kudos, with the instructional administrators.

In the meantime, what suggestions do you have for how we can better prepare students for eLearning?


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