Second Quarter Using Tegrity

(to see Steve Norton’s statistics from his first quarter using Tegrity, click here.)

The “wow” factor continues. Steve Norton just finished his second quarter using Tegrity.  He recorded most lectures for his winter 2011 5-credit ZOOL 252 Human Anatomy and Physiology II class.  Here are the results (comparison to the previous quarter in italics):

  • 1 teacher (still just Steve!)  
  • 35 recordings (8% fewer)
  • almost 30 HOURS of recordings (3% less)
  • 58 students (34% fewer)
  • over 1,218 HOURS of viewing by students (121% INCREASE)
  • 1,944 separate views by students (15% INCREASE)

Do you realize what this says? With the same teacher, about the same number of recordings, and the same total length of recordings, the hours of viewing more than doubled – with 34% fewer students!  I think students are realizing the value of Tegrity recordings!

You go Dr. Norton!!!


One thought on “Second Quarter Using Tegrity

  1. BRAVO!

    I hope to add a second instructor to the list in spring. I have a couple of videos I use for assignments I want to add commentary to for starters.

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