Phase I – Using College-Wide Angel LOR to Improve Student Success

We’ve been busy in eLearning and we have a surprise for you!
This can be used in any Angel classroom.
Phase I is now ready to be revealed.

Many of you have a folder in your Angel classroom called Important Course Information.
We’ve noticed that not many students take advantage of our Week Zero Angel classroom. We’ve been busy copying the Week Zero videos into a new/improved folder – including:

  • Financial Aid
  • Videos on how to use many things in Angel
  • Videos on how to use Tegrity
  • Videos on research and library resources
  • Documentation for Angel
  • Documentation for Tegrity
  • How to use student email (yes!)
  • Important college dates

All of this information is stored in the college-wide Learning Object Repository (LOR).  Need more information about LORs? These are worth watching – a LOR is a pretty cool thing.
Overview of LORs
Your Personal LOR
The College-Wide LOR×97

How do you get all the good content listed at the beginning of this email into each of your Angel classrooms?**

1. If you already have an Important Course Information folder, keep it, but hide it for now; we have a new/improved folder for you!

2. Go to your Lessons tab, Add Content,
    Import from Learning Object Repository (you might have to scroll down to find this)
    Find the Centralia College LOR, click on the plus sign to expand and see contents
    Checkmark in front of Student Success folder
    Click on Link To Items button you’ll see on the right side of the screen ç IMPORTANT

    Done! Smile! Look at all the wonderful contents you now have!

** some caveats
Individual faculty cannot edit anything within your linked Student Success folder (no editing, adding, or deleting).
If you’re one of the few faculty teaching a Shared course, we’ll help you get this new folder into your course. Contact eLearning and we’ll get on it.
If you’re one of the few faculty using Proctored Exams and Test Tickets, Contact eLearning and we’ll send you easy instructions.

Phase II coming soon!

–Kathy & Eric
–pedaling as fast we can


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